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    • Plastikman

    • New Order

      New Order

    • Lost Under Heaven

      Lost Under Heaven

    • A Certain Ratio

      A Certain Ratio

    • Goldfrapp


    • Lee Ranaldo

      Lee Ranaldo

    • Nicolas Bougaieff

    • Daniel Avery

    • nonpareils


    • Daniel Blumberg

      Daniel Blumberg

    • Chris Liebing

      Chris Liebing

    • ShadowParty


    • K A R Y Y N

      K 'A R Y Y N

    • The Pop Group

      The Pop Group

    • GUO

    • HAAi


    • The Acid

    • Liars


    • Ben Frost

      Ben Frost

    • Moderat

    • Cabaret Voltaire —
      Cabaret Voltaire 1974-76

    • Erasure —
      A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot

    • Liars —

    • New Order —
      People On The High Line

    • Ben Frost —
      Threshold Of Faith

    • 2×45 —

    • Beth Jeans Houghton —

    • Arca —

    • Yann Tiersen —

    • Liars —

    • Cabaret Voltaire —
      The Original Sound Of Sheffield '78 / '82 Best Of

    • Cold Specks —
      Blank Maps

    • New Order —
      Music Complete

    • The Afghan Whigs —
      Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)

    • Ben Frost —
      The Centre Cannot Hold

    • Cabaret Voltaire —
      Live At The YMCA 27.10.79.

    • Cold Specks —
      Blank Maps/Winter Solstice

    • Du Blonde —
      Welcome鸿运彩票手机app Back To Milk

    • Richard H. Kirk & Sandoz —
      #7489 (collected works 1974 - 1989) & #9294 (collected works 1992 - 1994)

    • Lee Ranaldo —
      Electric Trim

    • Moby —
      This Wild Darkness

    • Fever Ray —
      IDK About You

    • Daniel Avery —
      Slow Fade

    • Fever Ray —
      Wanna Sip

    • Moby —
      Like A Motherless Child

    • Fever Ray —
      To The Moon And Back

    • Liars —
      Staring At Zero

    • Lee Ranaldo —
      Moroccan Mountains

    • Lee Ranaldo —
      Thrown Over The Wall

    • Liars —
      Cred Woes

    • Ben Frost —
      Threshold Of Faith

    • ADULT. —
      Uncomfortable Positions (feat. Lun*na Menoh)

    • Lee Ranaldo —
      New Thing

    • Erasure —
      World Be Gone

    • Erasure —
      Love You To The Sky

    • Can —
      Dizzy Dizzy (The Singles Pt. 2)

    • Can —
      She Brings The Rain (The Singles Pt. 1)

    • Lee Ranaldo —
      Circular (Right As Rain)

    • ADULT. —
      We Are A Mirror (feat. Douglas J McCarthy)

    • Lift To Experience —
      Falling From Cloud 9

    Fad Gadget

    The Best Of released on Silver Vinyl





    “Under the moniker Fad Gadget, Frank Tovey pioneered a genre of electronic music which is now part of the mainstream.” – The Independent

    “Never before or since has an artist captured the awkwardness, the strange humour, the revulsion and prurient joy of (especially British) sexuality and human physicality quite as effectively as Tovey” – The Quietus

    “Proto-techno “pop” perversions” – Pitchfork

    “Enchanting synth-pop brilliance” – Dangerous Minds

    Mute have announced a double silver-vinyl release of The Best of Fad Gadget, out on 6 September 2019. Available here for the first time on vinyl, part of the ongoing MUTE 4.0 (1978 > TOMORROW) campaign, the release marks the 40th anniversary of Fad Gadget’s debut 7”, the double A-side single, ‘Back to Nature’ / ‘The Box’.The original 2001 CD was the last release before the untimely early death of Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget in 2002. The track listing, his personal selection, was designed to be both a concise retrospective of the Fad Gadget years and an introduction to his work for a new generation as he embarked on Depeche Mode’s Exciter tour as their special guest.
    Fad Gadget was Mute’s first signing and the groundbreaking debut 7”, ‘Back To Nature’ / ‘The Box’ (Oct 1979), recorded using a drum machine and a synthesiser, was the second release on the label. Alongside Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League, Throbbing Gristle, Soft Cell and The Normal, Frank Tovey was at the forefront of the British electronic movement of the late 70s/early 80s and his live performances, drawing on his art school background and interest in performance art, were intense, spectacular and innovative.The Best of Fad Gadget features the classic singles ‘Ricky’s Hand’, ‘Fireside Favourite’, ‘Collapsing New People’ and ‘For Whom The Bells Toll’ (featuring Alison Moyet), b- sides and tracks from his celebrated albums, Fireside Favourites (1980), Incontinent (1981), Under The Flag (1982), and Gag (1984) as well as ‘Luxury’, taken from 1986’s Frank Tovey release, Snakes & Ladders.

    This release is the first stage of Mute’s celebration of Frank Tovey’s work, to be followed by a career-spanning box set in early 2020 marking the 40th anniversary of his first album Fireside Favourites.

    The Best of Fad Gadget tracklisting

    Side A
    1. Back To Nature
    2. The Box
    3. Ricky’s Hand
    4. Handshake

    Side B
    5. Fireside Favourite
    6. Insecticide
    7. Make Room
    8. Lady Shave

    Side C

    9. Saturday Night Special
    10. King Of The Flies
    11. Life On The Line
    12. 4M
    13. For Whom The Bells Toll

    Side D
    14. Love Parasite
    15. I Discover Love
    16. Collapsing New People
    17. One Man’s Meat
    18. Luxury



    Fad Gadget

    Exhibition, Live Music Performance & Film Screening in New York

    Read More


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